Since 1996, Stock Car Steel has been known for its close relationship with the NASCAR community. Mooresville, North Carolina is the epicenter for NASCAR teams, and they know where they need to go when they need to order raw materials such as steel, aluminum, plastics, and more: that’s right, Stock Car Steel & Aluminum! Every time you see those cars racing on TV on a Sunday afternoon, you can bet that about 90% of those cars in the field started life as raw material in the warehouse at Stock Car Steel. Yet, as we frequently say, “metal is metal.” There are some specialty items that we carry that are pretty much used exclusively in the racing industry, but many of the items we carry can be used in a litany of other fabrication projects. Round tubing isn’t just for roll cages, and square tubing isn’t just for frame rails. Some of our customers have absolutely no connection to racing whatsoever, other than their vicinity to the racing industry in North Carolina. For instance, we have a customer called Fish Bite Rod Holders that, like the name says, makes fishing rod holders that can be mounted on boats. They primarily buy smaller-dimension steel round bars, and they make the rod holders with a little heat and elbow grease – all done by hand! What’s another sport that has a need for metal? It’s hard to think of one off the top of your head, but believe it or not, there is a need for our material in the soccer world! Our friends at Keene Custom Goals fabricate custom soccer goals with our materials as well. Home security? Well, you could theoretically use a nice hefty piece of steel round bar to ruthlessly beat any home intruders, or you could fabricate some sort of booby trap out of aluminum round tube, but there is, in fact, a more conventional way in which our materials are used to keep people’s homes safe. Mirage Tactical builds custom furniture, shelving, and wall hangings that are designed to conceal firearms in plain sight. A lot of the bracketry in these pieces is made out of steel from Stock Car Steel & Aluminum. Ah, but what about the artistic side of things?! Cold Hard Art out of Brownsburg, Indiana has been an advocate of ours for a few years now. He creates metal sculptures and trophies out of steel sheets and used race parts. It’s amazing to see the creativity of our customers! This is just the tip of the iceberg. Sure, we may be called Stock Car Steel, but we aren’t just “NASCAR people.” Around 40% of our total business is done with the top-level NASCAR organizations, but the other 60% comes from all walks of life. Plus, it’s kind of cool to think that the metal you buy from us could have just as easily been put into a championship-winning race car. Well, at least we think it’s cool.