For many years, Stock Car Steel has met the need of the NASCAR industry to provide the top-echelon racing teams with the raw materials they need to build winning race cars. The heart and soul of a NASCAR chassis is primarily constructed with one particular material: 1 ¾” O.D. .090” wall 1018 Cold Drawn Seamless tubing. This is the material used to make a majority of the frame and the roll cage. However, this 1018 Cold Drawn Seamless tubing does not arrive at Stock Car Steel with a .090” wall thickness. That’s where our grinding and polishing department comes into play.

The material arrives with a .095” wall thickness. NASCAR allows teams to construct their chassis with a minimum wall thickness of .090”, and .090” is not a commonly-produced wall thickness in the steel manufacturing world. These teams want to save as much weight as possible, so the practice of grinding and polishing tubes down to .090” became commonplace many years ago. Stock Car Steel took the lead, and purchased a Cincinnati centerless tubing grinder, so that we could provide the teams with material that is 100% ready to be used in the chassis fabrication shops. The resulting product is a beautiful-looking tube that has a nice sheen to it, and since it’s been thoroughly cleaned-up, it makes for an easier, cleaner weld. There is nothing more gorgeous (in our humble opinion) than seeing a finished chassis that has been made with this material. It’s almost a shame to cover it up with bodywork!

A few years ago, we found that the market would also like to see this service done on rectangular and square tubing as well. The Cincinnati centerless grinder can only grind and polish round tubes, so this required us to purchase an entirely different machine, and trust us, this was not a cheap endeavor! We went with a machine that has 3 sanding belts called the Garboli GPS Modulo. It allows us to grind and polish rectangular and square pieces of all shapes and sizes, even solid flat bars! Other parts of a NASCAR chassis, such as the main frame rails that are constructed with rectangle tube, are now ground and polished pieces as well.

Like everything else in our warehouse, we’re not just all about NASCAR. This service has its place in all facets of the fabrication trade. When quality and presentation are required, consider using ground and polished tubing on your next big build. It looks great, because it is great!

Call us today at Stock Car Steel: 1-704-664-3044. We’d love to discuss this service that we’ve been providing to our customers for many years. This is just one of many unique things that separates us from your average steel service center!